This is a bit of a blog, a bit of the time. My main blog is here – I’d love it if you signed up to follow – and from time to time I’ll post small samples that fit. Use the dropdown menu to access the blogs here under ‘Fragments’.

Meantime, here’s a link to an excerpt of a long poem of mine (‘The Perfect Tense’) that has just appeared in the winter issue of Green Spirit magazine (November 2016):

I guess it goes without saying that all the work on my site is my copyright; please ask if you want to use any of it in any context.

A few years ago – well, maybe 17 or 18! – when my hair was both darker and hennaed, I was asked to model as Boudicca for some stills by Stuart Littlejohn for a possible film. I don’t know what happened to the film, but I then modelled as a druidess for a book by the same painter and illustrator. This is the result, above.

(The green border wasn’t part of it, but a facebook thing for World Earth Day – I can’t remove it.)

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