‘I have felt I could write and reflect without censorship or self-disguise and that you would always find a way to meet me somewhere. I appreciate the obvious care and time you have always put into this.’


ONE-TO-ONE MENTORING, COACHING, CONSULTANCY & COUNSELLING is available through individual psychospiritual and/or ecosoul sessions focused on our relationship with self, human other and the rest of the natural world. Two important aspects are 1) the fact of our interconnectedness with humans and the other-than-human alike, and related to this 2) the revisioning of our relationship to the rest of the natural world with regard to felt experience, and how we then live this.

Think living in accordance with how you sense you need to, with soul. The sessions will include some writing, and can also incorporate creativity and personal development through poetry, myth, dream, memory, imagery, archetype and story. They can also take place outdoors.

This is collaborative: you tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll suggest the how.

I have very wide experience of mentoring in a number of different land- and writing-related contexts, and psychospiritual, personal development, counselling (in which I’m trained) and/or wisdom tradition contexts. I’ve worked with people

  • in wilderness/visionquest contexts on Dartmoor
  • in exploration and expression of personal life issues
  • for depth exploration of creativity and the unconscious
  • in the context of ‘personal mythology’
  • on deepening relationships to self, soul, human ‘other’, and non-human or more-than-human other (these can happen both indoors and out-, and are a combination of Jungian and eco-psychology, informed by Zen mindfulness)
  • this is an important category: more and more of us are finding ourselves struggling with a sense of despair and helplessness in relation to issues around ecocide, etc. My belief is that by restoring a sense of our own essential nature coupled with a felt sense of interconnectedness in relation to the rest of the planet we become more motivated and able to change at least our own small patch. I can work with you on this, and on writing about it
  • ‘nature writing’: essay/memoir/place/creative non-fiction
  • therapeutic journalling, including using nature as a guide for uncovering/discovering/recovering
  • ‘the slender threads’: the exploration of memory, dream, myth, story, poetry, imagery, place and presence to find our way home
  • rites of passage work for times of crossing the threshold (midlife, bereavement, divorce, change of home/work/location etc)
  • combinations of the above
  • I’ve put together ‘inspiration packages’ for individuals and groups
  • (more writing-focused: progressing a novel, putting together a poetry collection, exploring memory, overcoming writer’s block)

Something else I offer is a short or long block of weekly sessions that I might best describe as ‘finding your way through the dark forest’:

  • Witnessing and accompaniment: listening, clarifying and suggesting usually-writing-based ways of processing material while you work through your life-story, recent events and issues, losses, finding your way when the way is unclear, etc

And similarly:

  • Quest and enquiry: here we work together for 6 weeks or 6 months, as you like, where I offer you a weekly or monthly prompt to work deeply with your soul-life. This consists of a particular theme which culminates in a question; the latter will inform your enquiry and some reflective writing until the following session.

In some circumstances I can offer half-day and full day individual retreats where we use guided meditation, silent walking together, creative visualisation, poetry, sometimes story, reflective & creative writing and discussion to ground, still and deepen our experience of being alive (these happen in Devon). We can also adapt this to look at progressing a specific personal project.

We co-design the content according to what you are looking for. These can all take place via email or face-to-face, and we agree on the number of sessions and their duration, and the cost, in advance. As a guideline, I charge £40 per contact hour for intensive face-to-face work with a minimum session-time of one-and-a-half hours, PLUS £15 per hour reading fee if I have to read your work in advance; £35 for work that takes place by email, plus an advance reading fee, depending on the nature and intensity of the work and my input. (A day face-to-face session is cheaper pro rata.) In some circumstances I may be open to negotiation. It may also possible for me to email you inspiration-ideas and suggestions, as a one-off or on an agreed or regular basis, and if you don’t require any feedback from me but simply the kickstart material, the fee is greatly reduced. I use Paypal or bank transfer.)

Any questions, please ask! – See the contact form.

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