the small print



Please check at the bottom of all the residential courses that I organise myself for details of refunds. Generally deposits for residential courses are not refundable as I have contractual and financial commitments to the venues which don’t change if you withdraw, plus the costs in time and money of re-advertising and associated admin. Clearly if for any personal reason (though not for a so-called ‘Act of God’) I have to cancel the course, you will be refunded. Balance refunds: see the individual course page for details.

It might be an idea for you to take out travel insurance.

Online courses: self-study courses are not refundable. 1-to-1 study usually allows for the balance to be refunded within a certain time frame.

In signing-up to a course, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and also:

  • You agree that the material is for your sole use, and others associated with you will need to enroll separately
  • You also agree not to reproduce any of the material in the modules, which is copyright Roselle Angwin, in your own work for any commercial, publishable or group project whatsoever