New online courses


I’m excited to say that I’m creating a number of new online courses to add to those that already exist (see the top bar, and also here). This is partly to celebrate the fact that this year, 2021, I will have been leading workshops for 30 years.

All my courses involve some reading and writing, most commonly poetry, most often in the service of animal mundi. NB you do not need to be ‘an experienced writer’ – we work with co-exploration of the cosmos, our place in it, our relationship to humans and the more-than-human, and share ideas through writing.

There seems to be a thirst for the creative & inner work combined with engagement with the rest of the natural world that I offer in Poetry, Nature & Mindfulness. The next weeks, for autumn 2021, are still to be scheduled. This solo but supported online retreat week has had excellent feedback. In addition, I’m delighted to be offering a new online week. Poetry, Imagination & the Ensouled Life again this autumn. (The first week in May 2021 again garnered excellent feedback.)

Writing the Bright Moment: poetry & mindfulness was launched in early August 2020. There has been excellent feedback from participants, and I have now led 3 of these weeks.

In May 2021 I launched ‘Poetry & the Ensouled Life’. This is to do with the therapeutic and inspirational qualities of the process of reading and writing poetry, and has as a central focus our relationship with the more-than-human and the rest of the natural world. Both these courses involve time outdoors; both are intensive.

(May 13th: we’re nearing the end of this first week. This lovely group has written a lot of new and exciting work, and our discussions have been inspiring and profound. Feedback has once again been excellent. It might be important to say that how we live is as central to this work as how we write, as is common on my workshops and retreats.)

Soon I will be offering others that take me back to my roots in deep ecology, soulwork and transpersonal psychology. One is a resurrection of the Myth as Metaphor workshops I led from 1991 onwards, and out of which grew my first commissioned book, Riding the Dragon – myth & the inner journey. Another will be announced nearer the time.

At the winter solstice last year, 2020, we began the 2021 yearlong online Tongues in Trees course – an exciting and rewarding project, and part of the inspiration for the forthcoming Tree book, of course. Feedback has been excellent for this too. The next course will begin on the winter solstice 2021 for all of 2022.

I have various new audio projects (this link is more comprehensive again), and you can hear some of my poetry podcasts here. There’s a video interview with me talking about our relationship to place and the other-than-human here on YouTube. The launch of my new book is available to watch here.

Soon, I will be offering for sale once again two creative visualisations (based on Jung’s active imagination technique) that I created, with specially-composed music, as cassette tapes in 1994. A good friend has managed to convert these to MP3s and CDs. Feedback has always been that they are profoundly relaxing, restorative and healing.