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When they ask where I am, tell them:
Gone into leaf and stone and water
Gone into bone, and bird, and air.
~ Roselle Angwin

(image Lynn Baxter, Tongues in Trees 2014)

NEW FOR 2019: the latest offering in my WILD WAYS eco-soul work.
TONGUES IN TREES is a distance learning course rooted (ha!) in tree lore, tree botany, tree spirit medicine and the Celtic Tree Alphabet that came into being at the winter solstice 2018 full moon. Through creative and outdoor practice over a year of monthly teachings participants are encouraged to become intimate with a number of indigenous British trees, and more deeply immersed in the true magic of the tree realm.

There is a Tongues in Trees poetry day in June 2019, in a lovely wood on Dartmoor (full, but waiting list).

NEXT INTAKE: Winter Solstice 2019. More details on the link.

All my courses involve some writing, both as ‘process’ (for enquiry, exploration, reflection) and ‘product’ (creative expression). You don’t need to be a ‘good’ writer, however. In June 2019, The Telegraph listed my Islands of the Heart retreat on the Isle of Iona as ‘one of the world’s [ten] best creative writing holidays’. (The Guardian gave one of my courses a full page feature back in 1998.)

If you would like to hear ‘River Suite’, my long Dartmoor/Devon poem, click here.

The best way to find out about opportunities to work with me is to contact me to receive my newsletter. You can also keep an eye on the news page.

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‘The earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth.’
How wonderful, how world-changing, it would be if that were a genuinely-lived truth for our species. The intention of my work, both books and courses, is to help make this a commonly-experienced reality for at least a few of us.

Though my courses and retreats are often described as individually therapeutic and transformative, I want to emphasise that the work is intended as much to heal our fractured relationship with the rest of nature as to have nature help heal our personal and collective wounds. (Of course, the two are deeply interconnected, and in making the one journey we usually inevitably make the other. It’s a question of what we choose to emphasise at what time.)

In my work, my main passion is bringing this about through an experiential, felt and creative relational connection between humans and the rest of the natural world (we usually work outside). Although my work falls loosely into the ‘ecotherapy’ and also ‘soul medicine‘ categories, I believe that what I’m doing is unique.

The three main strands in my practice are the soul and the imaginal life, deep ecology and depth psychology, seasoned with story, myth, poetry and that over-used word ‘mindfulness’ (via my 40-year-long Zen practice). Essentially, it’s about waking up to our natural deep belonging.

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© Roselle Angwin, 1991–2019

Freedom. It isn’t once, to walk out
under the Milky Way, feeling the rivers
of light, the fields of dark –
freedom is daily, prose-bound, routine
remembering. Putting together, inch by inch
the starry worlds. From all the lost collections.

(Adrienne Rich)