The Wellkeepers : restoring the Sacred Feminine (& the Sacred Masculine)

well-pointe-du-raz‘THE WELLKEEPERS’
a journey to wholeness

Centuries ago, the path of the heart & the way of the soul were forgotten. Once upon a time, in the Grail myths, the well-maiden guardians were raped, the waters poisoned, the land laid waste. Does this seem prescient? – Once upon a time; any time – our time?

Partly as a cause, & partly as a result of this, the mythological King is wounded & the land has no Queen. I believe that our cultural relationship (or lack of it) to the feminine is deeply implicated in our current sense of separation from & lack of feeling engagement with wild nature & other species, as well as the planet herself & her eco-sphere. The psychological, spiritual, social & environmental consequences of this are massive.
How can we help restore our sense of interdependent connectedness to this earth & therefore help heal the Wasteland?

Myth can show us the way forward, even as it records a time of loss & destruction. Through the lens of archetypal psychology & myth, especially the visionary Grail legends, we will explore a different way to be alive, with our unique gifts, in the world: a conscious way that can heal our own wounds & contribute something positive, healing, to the web of being in which we all exist.

So this is about restoring the lost feminine. We will be examining the positive & the more shadowy aspects of both masculine & feminine in our psyches & our culture. Before that, we need to look at the recurrent suppression of the feminine principle in a still-patriarchal era. In what ways have we, other species, the wild, & the earth herself suffered from this? How have we colluded? How is this perpetuated over so many centuries? And we need to examine ourselves & our wounds. This is the work we embark on together.

Then we can have a true conversation, men & women together, about a marriage, on an inner level & lived-out in our outer culture, of Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine: mythos & logos, heart & head, body & spirit working together. Yin & yang. Receptive & generative. What it means to live with soul: arguably the Grail Quest is for soul, & wholeness.
This is one way to offer service to the greater good, & to restore truly wise & healthy relationships to ourselves, each other, & with the rest of the natural world – before it’s too late.

As we explore the archetypal & mythic phases of a shift in consciousness (as I wrote of it in my book mentioned below, further adapted for this century & its troubles) of this journey in relation to our own lives, we will each also be writing vignettes from the book of our individual life.
Call it narrative therapy, personal mythology, or eco-soulwork. Or all three & more. Healing the Wasteland.

Roselle has a counselling qualification, has been exploring this psychospiritual journey via the Celtic and other wisdom traditions for over 40 years & teaching it for 27, & was commissioned to write a book about it in 1993: ‘RIDING THE DRAGON – myth & the inner journey’, Element Books.

NB this was a year-long course which began in January 2017, for a private closed group of women only. It will be offered again both as a terrestrial & online course, probably over a shorter period (see below) & men are very much not excluded in this search for the lost anima mundi! In fact, I feel increasingly strongly that we need to work together, and excited about a conversation between the genders.

Details are yet to be finalised for 2018. In addition to an online course, coming in 2018, I’m thinking of a weeklong intensive, perhaps in Cornwall & not too far from a holy well.
I would very much like to invite a small group of committed courageous women & men to step forward to work with me on these issues of consciousness. The sessions will be insightful, demanding & participatory.
They’ll also be intimate and revealing. We need trust in each other to work like this.
You need to be willing to stay with the challenges of such a journey in the company of others. You also need to be passionate about addressing our impact on the other-than-human.

Given the intense nature of such work, this will probably best suit those who have already embarked on a psychospiritual journey in whatever way, & are familiar with personal enquiry & exploration in relation to their inner life.

You will also be asked to find and tend a physical holy well local to you; at least, if you live in Europe.

If you’d be interested to join a group in the future (the groups are kept small, for depth & individual attention), please register your interest via the Contact form.

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You might also be interested in my annual weeklong retreat in West Cornwall, The Land’s Wild Magic, during which we visit several of the iconic Cornish wells, bringing actuality and metaphor together in quite a powerful way.

Top photo B Grundbacher; bottom is Chalice Well, Glastonbury