Merrivale, Dartmoor (River Suite)

I have some audio pieces, poetry and podcasts with poetry, on SoundCloud. They’re generally between about 8 and 12 minutes long. Close your eyes, relax, and come with me to Dartmoor, the sacred Isle of Iona, National Trust Greenway (Agatha Christie’s former home), or – briefly – southwest France.

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Isle of Iona

In 1994 I made a cassette tape of two visualisations, based on techniques from Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology, which I made with specially-composed music, for relaxation, deep healing, and restoration. Feedback was extremely positive – in fact, someone told me recently that she still used this tape, 26 years on.

I’m soon going to be offering this for sale, once again, as a CD or MP3.

Please come back for updates.

Kwan Yin at Greenway