2021 calendar & general info


SCROLL DOWN FOR CALENDAR and for 2021 events. You can see testimonials for many of the courses here


COVID19 2020/21: things have, of course, changed. All my events – residential courses, poetry readings, walking day retreats – were cancelled in 2020 and the early part of 2021. I’m assuming, optimistically, that my Isle of Iona ‘Islands of the Heart’ retreats, 20 years’ old now, will happen in September and October of 2021, and all are nearly full, as are the dates for 2022, bar the new 3rd week which is designed as a more spacious & meditative experience.

In a year that goes to plan, I’m privileged to work with lovely people in stunning locations: by the sea on the Isle of Iona and West Cornwall, on the moors and in the mountains and forests of Britain and France. If you need a dose of creativity, warmth, imagination, inspiration and general soulwork, much of it outdoors, with possible transformation thrown in, all in wildish places with their other-than-human inhabitants, come and join me – online, or in person as soon as we can.

Currently, in 2020/21, I’m focusing on my own writing. There is a sequel to my Tree book (A Spell in the Forest is due out in 2021). I’m partway through a book on plant-based lifestyles. I’m creating new online courses with an ecosoul focus; the first one is a Poetry, Nature & Mindfulness course (great feedback, with people repeating it; the next one, the 4th, is in April).

May 2021 sees the launch of my Poetry, Imagination & the Ensouled Life weeklong course.

Also I have a SoundCloud page and have uploaded more poetry, often embedded in a podcast to do with place (the Isle of Iona, or Dartmoor).

There’s a YouTube interview with me here.

In the audio line, a dear friend has managed to convert a cassette tape I made, with specially composed music, in 1994, after my book Riding the Dragon emerged. This contains an introduction to the creative visualisation/active imagination process rooted in Jung’s work, and two visualisations. One is called ‘Sanctuary’ and the other is ‘Journey to the Healing Spring’. Both these were very popular as cassettes, and feedback is that they’re relaxing, deeply healing and restorative, and inspiring. This will be available to buy from me soon.

If you’d like to hear of new events, books & courses, contact me with your email address and I’ll add you to my list. The newsletter happens four or five times a year, and I promise I’ll never sell your name or allow it to be used for other purposes.




Tongues in Trees, (The Wild Ways). Next one begins winter solstice 2021 for all of 2022.

WRITING THE BRIGHT MOMENT: poetry, nature & mindfulness
Monday 4th January – Friday 9th inclusive, 2021
Monday 1st March – Friday 5th inclusive

Monday 19th April – Friday 23rd inclusive

THRESHOLDS at Imbolc/Candlemas, 1st February 2021. One-day solo reflective retreat (PDF)

See the link; also for 2022 dates & info.

LAUNCHING IN MAY 2021: Poetry, Imagination & the Ensouled Life.

Any questions: Contact me here.

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