2020 calendar & general info


SCROLL DOWN FOR CALENDAR and for 2020 events. You can see testimonials for many of the courses here

I’m privileged to work with lovely people in stunning locations: by the sea on the Isle of Iona and West Cornwall, on the moors and in the forests of Britain and France. If you need a dose of creativity, warmth, imagination, inspiration and general soulwork, much of it outdoors, with possible transformation thrown in, in wildish places with their other-than-human inhabitants, come and join me.

Currently, I’m focusing on my own writing, with a tree book nearly completed. In 2020 I’ll be concentrating on weeklong retreats, although there will be an occasional one-day workshop. Most of the longer retreats incorporate some walking; some with the idea of pilgrimage ‘built in’. Soulwork, they usually include poetry, myth and story in one form or another, and an awareness of the 8 turning points of the old Celtic year.

My increasing focus is on mending our relationships with our inner lives, with others, and especially with the other-than-human – a profoundly urgent need.

Here are the deep ecology/ecosoul dates. There is much overlap with my holistic writing courses, and writing is an important component, but you do not need to be an experienced writer. Any in brackets are more specifically writing, for which see fire-in-the-head.co.uk.

If you’d like to hear of new events, books & writing tips, contact me with your email address and I’ll add you to my list. The newsletter happens three or four times a year, and I promise I’ll never sell your name or allow it to be used for other purposes.




Tongues in Trees, (The Wild Ways). Next one begins winter solstice 2020 for all of 2021. In progress now for 2020. Excellent feedback.

Thresholds for Imbolc, relevant to late January/early February (1-2)

POETRY READING, Teignmouth Poetry Festival, Friday March 20th, 2.30pm, Teignmouth Pavilions.

WILD SPIRIT pilgrimage along the Dart, Sunday 6th September
Part of River Dart Wild Church’s Sunday walks,this half day walk takes us from St David’s at Ashprington, to Bow Creek, through Tuckenhay and along the river to St. Peter’s at Cornworthy in the creative company of local poet, Roselle Angwin, of Fire in the Head. Roselle will gently guide us in creating our own poetic response to the land and water along the way.’

‘CORE’ group, FRIDAY 17th APRIL–FRIDAY 24th
‘MORE’ group, TUESDAY 28th APRIL–TUESDAY 5th MAY 2020 (FULL with waiting list)

TBA: Outdoor Zen practice days; one-day Tongues in Trees.

Any questions: Contact me here.

This next year will see three courses, through April & May. They are already filling.

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