Tongues in Trees – a yearlong course

COMING FOR 2019: the latest offering in my WILD WAYS eco-soul work.


Lynn Baxter’s piece for a Tongues in Trees day

TONGUES IN TREES is a distance learning course rooted (ha!) in tree lore, tree botany, tree spirit medicine and the Celtic Tree Alphabet that will come into being at the January new moon 2019.

Each lunar month, I’ll send you study materials relating to tree lore, tree botany, the Celtic tree alphabet, tree spirit medicine and more, plus creative/experiential tasks.

Through indoor and outdoor creative practice over this year of monthly teachings you will become intimate with a number of indigenous British trees, and more deeply immersed in the true magic of the Wildwood, along with a deeper acquaintance – intimacy – with our British native tree species. (My latest book, just completed, is in part about this.)

Each time I’ve led a tree-spirit medicine workshop people have experienced it as transformative, utterly changing the way they relate to trees. Working in this way deepens and grounds our relationship to the other-than-human, and trees themselves both botanically and through their presence and qualities offer us much in the way of green healing: tranquility, harmony, uplift and an immune boost.

You will be able to sign up at one fee for self-study, at another for monthly responses and suggestions from me.


Kate Compston’s piece for a Tongues in Trees day

Details will appear here in early autumn. Please do register your interest via the Contact form below: