Tongues in Trees – a yearlong course

BEGINNING AT THE WINTER SOLSTICE 2018: the latest offering in my WILD WAYS eco-soul work.

NEXT INTAKE: winter solstice 2019, for 2020


TONGUES IN TREES is a yearlong distance learning course rooted (ha!) in tree lore, tree botany, tree spirit medicine and the Celtic Tree Alphabet that will come into being at the Winter Solstice 2018, immediately before the last full moon of this solar year, when the Introduction and the first module will be emailed out as PDFs.


Lynn Baxter’s piece for a Tongues in Trees day

Over thirteen lunar months & according to the Celtic Tree Alphabet, I’ll send you study materials relating to this month’s tree, its lore & mythology, tree history, botany & ecology, the Celtic tree alphabet, tree spirit medicine & more. In addition there’ll be imaginal/experiential tasks (largely but not exclusively creative & reflective writing practice) designed to deepen & ‘fix’ your relationship to trees. On occasion, where relevant, I will include a story or poem associated with that tree or its qualities.

Through indoor & outdoor creative practice over this year of monthly teachings you will become intimate with a number of indigenous British trees, & more deeply immersed in the true magic of the Wildwood, along with a deeper acquaintance – companionship – with our British native tree species. (My latest book, just completed, is in part about this.)

Please note that you will need to spend some time each month outdoors. I’m anticipating that the practice will require about 10 hours+ each month.

Each time I’ve led a tree-spirit medicine workshop people have experienced it as transformative, utterly changing the way they relate to trees. Working in this way deepens & grounds our relationship to the other-than-human, & trees themselves both botanically/ecologically & through their presence & qualities offer us much in the way of green healing: tranquility, harmony, uplift & an immune boost.

You will be able to sign up at one fee for self-study, at another for personal monthly responses & extra suggestions from me, designed so that we are companions in the work for a year (you will send in some of the writing generated by the tasks set). See below.

I will be setting up a closed online group, probably via Facebook, for participants to share their findings & experiences. I’m aware that not everyone subscribes to (or approves of) Facebook, but it’s an excellent tool for such purposes. Although it’s not essential, I think you will find it will enhance your experience of the work, and give you human companionship on this yearlong journey.


Kate Compston’s piece for a Tongues in Trees day

Introduction & 13 modules for self-study only:

Introduction & 13 modules with brief personal one-to-one commentary from me each month on the creative work you send in:

Optional additional materials:
to be confirmed soon.

I will be working one-to-one with only a limited number of individuals. For this option, there will be extra creative & reflective writing tasks, and I will be responding to what you send in as a result (your commitment will be to send it in before the start of the next tree month).

I need the full fee for the 1st option (self-study) with your booking, or £200 deposit for the 2nd (interactive study), with the balance due in late January (instalments can be negotiated, either via post-dated cheques or a standing order, so that I don’t need to keep tabs and follow up).

* The small print: if on receipt of the Introduction and first module you decide this is not for you, I will refund your deposit minus £20 for the self-study, £30 for the interactive work.

Please do register your interest in booking via the Contact form below: