2018 general info


Currently (2018), in addition to my own writing, I’m concentrating on weeklong retreats, although there will be occasional one-day and weekend workshops available. Most of these longer retreats incorporate some walking; some with the idea of pilgrimage ‘built in’. They usually include poetry, myth and story in one form or another, and an awareness of the 8 turning points of the old Celtic year.

My increasing focus is on mending our relationships with our inner lives, with others, and especially with the other-than-human – a profoundly urgent need.

You might join me to drop deep into a renewal of creativity on what is now offered as a solo day retreat at or near Imbolc, the first cracking-open of the earth in the northern hemisphere towards spring in my re-visioned annual Thresholds course in late January/early February.

Then I offer two weeklong holistic writing retreats on the Isle of Iona: Islands of the Heart.

In June there’s The Land’s Wild Magic retreat in the far west of Cornwall, on the coast and among the many megalithic sites.

There’s a weeklong retreat in the wonderful wild Cévennes mountains in southern France. On Writing the Bright Moment, the land and nature/eco-writing is very much part of the week.

In 2018, I’m very excited to offer my Wellkeepers course, previously led as a year-long face-to-face programme, as a weeklong intensive. Working with the demands of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine together, this promises to be a profound and immersive experience, and I’m inviting expressions of interest from women and men alike, to create a small group. Like The Land’s Wild Magic, above, this will take place at Boswedden House,

If this attracts you, do please read on. I want to add to the community of like-minded people, and soon I hope to be inviting guest contributions to a blog on all this.

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