Writing the Bright Moment

Taking place in September 2018 this course is focused on prose, poetry & eco/nature-writing, with most of our work taking place outdoors, and the land and its species are collaborators in the week’s process, which will take you deep into your imagination, your soul, and the soul of this specific place… and anima mundi.


I was so excited a few years ago to be invited to lead my first course at Sharon Black and Alex Duncan’s stunning retreat centre in the wild Cevennes mountains of southern France. 2017 is now the 5th year of that course, ‘Writing the Bright Moment’.

Remote and lush, the mountains are home to sheep and goats with bells, cheesemakers and beekeepers, the Cevennol ‘oignon doux’, wild mushrooms, wild herbs and sweet chestnut trees (the main source of flour here in the past), eagles, boar and bee-eaters. Close by is one of the main attractions of the week*: a waterfall pool, clear and deep – a perfect opportunity for skiving off, and stripping off, too. *Another is the wonderful organic vegetarian food.


Details of the 2018 course are available here.

You can read about it here.