News 2020


Photo by Lori Drummond-Mundal, by the River Lochy, below Banquo’s Castle in Scotland, 2015

You can read my article on Sacred Feminine Sacred Masculine in the Winter edition  2018 of Green Spirit magazine. It’s also available from me as a download – please ask.

My own writing: I’m currently finishing the final draft of my Forest book, which looks as if it has found a publisher. More anon! And meantime a plant-based cookbook is making itself felt.

My most exciting new project, other than the half-completed companion book to the tree book I’ve almost finished writing (memoir and the lost feminine, set and written in an enchanted Brittany forest), is my new year-long distance learning TONGUES IN TREES project. This began with the full moon of the winter solstice 2018, and continued through 2019; we are now into the 2nd yearlong group. It will happen again for 2021 beginning at the winter solstice 2020. People are already registering.


I’m reading work from my poetry collection All the Missing Names of Love at Teignmouth Poetry Festival (Devon, UK) on Friday March 20th 2020 at 2.30pm.

My most recent collection is:

A Trick of the Light: poems from Iona available to order from Pindrop Press.

A Trick of the Light Cover[1]

ISLANDS OF THE HEART on the Isle of Iona: the two weeks in April and May in 2020 are full, but do add your name to my waiting list. I’m taking bookings now for the 3 weeklong retreats in 2021.




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