Photo by Lori Drummond-Mundal, by the River Lochy, below Banquo’s Castle in Scotland, 2015

My own writing: I’m finally through the first draft of my forest book. More anon!

BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN (and happening) for THE LAND’S WILD MAGIC, CORNWALL, JUNE, and the two retreat weeks in the southern French mountains: WRITING THE BRIGHT MOMENT & SEIZE THE WEEK, in August/September.

The first course in 2017 is a closed group: The Wellkeepers is a year-long depth exploration of the lost feminine, soul and its gifts of relatedness in our culture, our life in the light of the Quest for the Grail, and the writing of our individual story as we go. Its focus is on healthy relationship to all the other humans, and other-than-human species who share our planet, and to the earth herself, as well as to our inner life. In other words: how we might live.

The ISLANDS OF THE HEART retreat on the beautiful Isle of Iona in 2017 is full with a waiting list for newcomers, though there is still a space on the first week if you have attended my courses in the past.

I’m offering a weeklong TONGUES IN TREES retreat in the beautiful Breton forest of An Uhelgoad, in October 2017. (The last day course I offered was so popular and the work created so exciting.) This latter will include hands-on artwork in the forest, foraging, and of course writing, plus ‘tree spirit medicine’ and general treelore.


More as they come up. Meantime, check out the One-day courses and the Weeklong ones. Oh, and if you’d like individual attention for your creativity, writing, or ecosoul ‘process’ work, see here.


And this year, I shall finally make available on CD the cassette tape of two visualizations from way back in the early days: ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘The Healing Spring’, both accompanied by specially-composed music from Dave Eastoe, and with a lovely cover by Stuart Littlejohn, (who also painted the image of me as a Druid priestess somewhere else on these pages) (perhaps).

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