News 2019/2020


Photo by Lori Drummond-Mundal, by the River Lochy, below Banquo’s Castle in Scotland, 2015

NB November 2018: my article on Sacred Feminine Sacred Masculine has just appeared in the Winter edition of Green Spirit magazine. It’s also available from me as a download – please ask.

My own writing: finished the final draft of my Forest book. More anon! And meantime a plant-based cookbook is making itself felt.

My most exciting new project, other than the book I’ve just finished writing (memoir, tree lore and the lost feminine, set and written in an enchanted Brittany forest), is my new year-long distance learning TONGUES IN TREES project. This began with the full moon of the winter solstice 2018, and will happen again beginning at the same date in 2019.


I, along with the previous and the succeeding writers-in-residence, am appearing at the first ever Greenway Literary Festival (my date is 8th June, morning). Greenway was the summer home of Agatha Christie, and I was privileged to be writer-in-residence last winter.

June 23rd, Dartmoor: Tongues in Trees full day outdoor poetry workshop (full with waiting list)

July 7th, East Devon: the 2nd in a series of 3 poetry-in-nature half-days (you can attend just the one).

A Trick of the Light: poems from Iona is available to order from Pindrop Press.

A Trick of the Light Cover[1]

ISLANDS OF THE HEART on the Isle of Iona: there is a new September 2019 week, which is filling but has a little availability. 2020: just one or two places left on the April courses.

More as they come up. Oh, and if you’d like individual attention for your creativity, writing, or ecosoul ‘process’ work, see here.

I have finally ‘come out’ and acknowledged another key aspect to my practice. It won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s OK. You can read more about Soul medicine here.



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